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welcome to the Fire Fighting Equipment Traders' Association
Working towards better safety within the fire industry
Fire is dangerous and spreads with frightening speed. So when it comes to equipment that may be called upon to protect lives and property, there's no place for faulty or inferior products. The Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association [FFETA] promotes high standards in equipment, workmanship, maintenance and service to the public. We meet regularly with the South African Bureau of Standards and our members ascribe to the highest level of safe working practices and hold a FFETA recognised certificate of competence for each employee engaged in service maintenance.
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Keep up with the latest SABS and SANS regulations and standards – make sure your products are compliant.
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New website aims to offer greater benefits to FFETA members – by promoting equipment sales and public trust.
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about us

FFETA was formed in 1973 for the benefit of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of fire fighting equipment and their customers. Our main aims are to inform members and, with a Code of Conduct, encourage customer satisfaction through product integrity.

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee of elected members, who serve in an honorary capacity.

message from the chairperson

"Although it seems that a year can fly by so quickly and that so little has been achieved, I do believe that in reviewing 2015/2016, FFETA has been able to work successfully towards the objectives as set in the 2015 revised constitution"

Lizl Davel (2016)