Lizl Davel

Chairperson, Lizl Davel

chairman's report

Annual General Meeting: 17 November 2016

Although it seems that a year can fly by so quickly and that so little has been achieved, I do believe that in reviewing 2015/2016, FFETA has been able to work successfully towards the objectives as set in the 2015 revised constitution. Herewith I can report on the following actions taken by FFETA:

1. Following on the revised MOI and constitution, a code of conduct was put in place late in 2015 in line with the objectives of the constitution.
2. The next step was to draw up a disciplinary code. This was completed and uploaded onto the website in July 2016.
3. The final step in aligning our processes with the revised constitution was to amend the membership application form. This was completed and uploaded on the website in July 2016. The form allows for detailed vetting and listing of the scope of products and services to be rendered with the aim to utilise such info in marketing our members.
4. The executive committee also reviewed the benefits FFETA can offer its members and the two main proposals was to drive marketing and invest accordingly and to look into assisting our members with training needs. Consequently the committee has allocated an amount to redevelop its website to improve the online presence of FFETA and its members. This is driven by Mr Radmore and he has given the committee an insight into the revolutionary changes at our October meeting. Some of the changes would include the direct involvement of the members themselves so as give them some control over marketing their ability.
5. The executive committee has also taken note that the association has erroneously been linked to the portable fire industry only. This is not in line with its objectives and marketing such as promotional items will now be aligned to the association representing the complete fire industry.
6. I can furthermore report that the membership of FFETA has now grown to 97 members thus resulting in the association being one of the most representative in the fire industry.

FFETA has also ensured involvement in the forefront of events in the fire industry by means of the following:
1. The association has acquired representation at the SANAS steering technical committee thereby ensuring involvement not only in matters of gas test stations, but also related to the Pressure Equipment Regulations. The fire industry has not been included in the PER as it should have, but through representation such as at SANAS and the SAQCC, the chairperson of the PER working committee has requested the involvement of the industry representatives including FFETA. Some of the matters that have come to light in 2016 is the non-compliance to the PER of CO2 extinguishers imported since the inseption of the PER in 2009. This again highlights the importance of FFETA involvement on this level.
2. FFETA has continued its representation at the SAQCC Fire both at the 1475 and D&GS sub committees. This is allowing our members to be represented at industry meetings by the major role players such as the DOL, SAQCC, ECSA, PSIRA and the SABS thus being able to voice and express the opinions and needs of our members. Major changes are being brought about in our industry regarding training and accreditations and it is of utmost importance that FFETA is represented at the levels where these changes are being made.
3. FFETA is once more involved and represented at the working committees where national standards are being reviewed including SANS 1475 Part 1 and 2,SANS 10105, SANS 1910 etc. It is shocking how little representation there is from the industry at this level and even in FFETA it is a hand full of individuals who are willing to represent our industry. I urge our members to step forward to assist with the representation at this level.

On the social front, the FFETA annual function held in June in KZN was very enjoyable and then we can look forward to the fun and glitz at our murder and mayhem party tonight.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the executive committee who have firstly attended all the meetings in the last year and specifically those who have contributed their time and energy towards portfolios such as finances, marketing, training and representation on industry level. It seems easy to put your name forward to serve on the executive committee, but it is another thing to actually commit to attend all the meetings and to contribute to the different portfolios. These are people with exceptional values and integrity who are able to look beyond their own personal interests and who believe in contributing to the improvement of our industry.

My best wishes to all members in seeing out 2016 and taking on 2017. I do believe that 2017 will bring along some interesting changes but I have no doubt that the FFETA executive committee of 2016/2017 will deal effectively and with renewed energy with such challenges.

Yours faithfully