A guide for the FFETA representative on how to set up the FFETA Profile for your company

  • To create an account: From the FFETA website (www.ffeta.co.za) click on Sign In. Choose “create an account!. Enter your ID number, first name, surname and email address. Enter the security code given and accept the user agreement. Click on create an account. A confirmation screen will appear to verify your entry. Once you have confirmed an email will be sent to you with your password – please allow a little time for this to happen as it may not be immediate.
  • Login with your details provided and you can then update the profile. You can create a company and will be able to edit the company profile, upload any supporting documents that you wish and you can add the company logo. You can enter your products and services – and it is entirely up to you – how much you wish to show on the site.
There may be a few teething problems as this is quite new – we have tried to sort as many of these out as possible before giving you the go ahead but if you have problems, we do apologize in advance. Please put your query or problem on an email to the administration office who will then take it up with the Webmaster. Please make use of this extraordinary opportunity to market your company and its services and is a major benefit to FFETA members. It is hoped by next year that you will also be able to pay your annual FFETA subscription through the website as well so watch this space.