IBR Fire

Established in 1990 from very humble beginnings, today we’re leading the industry with technologies and innovation. The driving force is to prove the importance of the customer by providing them with more than what they can secure elsewhere in a transparent environment. This comes about with 24 / 7 crews to deal with emergencies, employing technologies to reduce risk and provide all roll players with the information needed at the right time constantly taking into account issues of compliance.

To achieve this we developed a world class website https://ibrfire.com where we handle everything from the first free survey through to the completed job cards and subsequent reports. This makes us a truly paperless company joining others to reduce our carbon footprint. The data remains the property of the customer and the customer has control over who has access to the data be it contractors like ourselves or for their insurance broker to use to secure the best cover at the lowest cost. As evidence of the values we place on transparency we’ve allowed our competitors to use our platform for free as is the case with our customers. We do this for many reasons but the principal reason is to give back to our customers and the industry from where we enjoy our successes.

As a company we’re listed with both the FSIB and the ASIB, are members of the two main industry associations FDIA and FFETA and have a substantial list of competent persons registered with the SAQCC (Fire). Technical excellence is certainly a goal that we aspire to in order to guide the customer to achieving compliance. Having said that, the term compliance invokes all sorts of concerns and challenges and as with former comments needs to be addressed in a manner conducive to the customer’s needs which demands transparency.

Our product range is substantive and has been divided into three clearly defined divisions which our consultant dedicated to the customer account will navigate to ensure the customer has access to the correct expertise for the equipment in question. We rarely sub-contract and in each instance will ensure that the customer is aware of the information because we prefer to employ our own dedicated personnel. Sub-contracting is where the skill sets fall outside of our industry or where the current volume of work does not warrant our own dedicated personnel.